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Used Canoes for Sale
All of our used canoes from the 2013 season have been sold. Our used canoes will go on sale again at the end of the 2014 season, usually starting the third week of September.

As each canoe is done being refurbished in our shop and is ready for sale, we will post it here. Our used canoes are in full repair and have many years of useful life ahead. All have Kevlar skid plates on the bow and stern wear points have been maintained since new. All have comfy, adjustable, custom yoke pads. We do not ship canoes, but can hold them for you until your next canoe trip to Sawbill. Your satisfaction is guaranteed - if you don't like the canoe when you see it, you get your money back with no questions.

Below are some examples of canoes sold last year. The canoes available in 2014 will be nearly identical, although not all models are shown below.

Wenonah 17 Ultralight Kevlar Canoes / Souris River Quetico 16 Kevlar Canoes
Wenonah Prism Ultralight Kevlar Canoes / Wenonah Spirit II 17' Royalex Canoes

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Wenonah 17 Ultralight Kevlar Canoes

2011 Wenonah 17 #48
Length 17'; center depth 13 1/2"; stern 22"; bow 22"; gunwale width 36"; waterline 34 1/2"; weight 42 lbs; construction is Kevlar/foam core ultra-light. Comfortable, adjustable custom-made yoke pads.

The 17 is a traditional hull shape that can handle everything canoe country can throw at it. It's the ideal balance between paddling speed, maneuverability and seaworthiness. A fresh coat of epoxy has been applied to the bottom and Kevlar skid plates have been maintained bow and stern since new. This canoe is ready for many years of reliable canoe tripping.

Price: $1,400.00 Sold
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Souris River Quetico 16 Kevlar Canoes

2010 SR Quetico 16 Ultralight #59
Length: 16' 2"; Depth: Center 14", Stern 20", Bow 20"; Width: Max, 34"; Weight: 39 lbs; Construction: Kevlar/foam ribbed ultralight.

The Quetico 16 is a great tandem canoe for people who like to travel light. It also makes a good solo canoe for heavier solo trips. This canoe is in very good condition.

Price: $1,400.00 Sold
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Wenonah Prism Ultralight Kevlar Canoes

2010 Wenonah Prism Kevlar Solo #235
Length: 16.5', Depth: Center 12 1/2", Stern 17", Bow 19"; Width: Max 30 3/4", Gunwale 26", Waterline 29 3/4"; Weight: 32 lbs. Construction: Kevlar/foam core ultra-light. See picture for custom seat/yoke setup.

The Prism is an all-purpose solo with excellent performance, very good capacity, and enough stability that almost anyone can handle it well.

Price: $1,250.00 Sold
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Wenonah Spirit II 17' Royalex Canoes

2010 Wenonah Spirit II Royalex #519
Length 17'; Weight 59 lbs; center depth 14"; stern depth 19"; bow depth 22"; gunwale width 35"; waterline width 35.5". Construction: Royalex (foam core ABS plastic sandwich).

This the best paddling Royalex canoe on the market. It's big enough for extended trips and very stable. These canoes are customized for us with aluminum gunwales (saves 5 lbs in weight), no front thwart (for easy solo paddling facing backwards) and factory installed Kevlar skid plates. Our comfy custom yoke pads are included. Skid plates have been maintained since new.

Price: $700.00 Sold
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