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Sawbill Newsletter Archives: June 2017
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6/28/17 - Former crew member Jitesh Pattini popped the question to Kali Knudson on Sawbill Lake last Wednesday, June 21, who happily said yes!


We can only imagine how carefully Jitesh must have been carrying the ring out on open water.

Witness to this momentous occasion was their niece, Adaya (age 4), who in addition to being on her inaugural canoe paddle, was visiting Minnesota and the Boundary Waters for the first time. Quite a day for all!

The Sawbill crew extends their congratulations to the happy couple - we are so honored to have played a small part in this part of your life! - Elena

6/27/17 - Christmas comes but... twice a year? This past week, the Sawbill crew decked the halls, whipped up a batch of sugar cookies, and rang in the holiday season six months early in our annual Christmas in June celebration.

Spread over two days (June 24th and 25th), this event is a time for the crew members to show their love and appreciation for each other through sharing a meal and exchanging gifts after the outfitters shuts down for the night.

The Sawbill crew digs into a delicious Christmas feast

Bill with his gift from Heidi

Christmas is all about love and joy - this picture captures both!

Brian acted as our resident Santa - he already had the beard, so it was a natural role to fill.

All in all, it was a wonderful night. Delicious food, good company, and Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You" on repeat - what more could you want?
Merry June-mas, folks! Less than 6 months to the real deal! - Elena

6/24/17 - One of the main draws of a BWCA trip is the possibility of seeing wildlife. Northern Minnesota is home to a wide variety of fauna, from wolves to weasels. Most commonly spotted are loons, eagles, and other birds. Moose are also frequently seen, while bears are the most elusive, due to their shy nature.

Tim Petricek from Racine, WI sent us some wonderful wildlife photos from his most recent trip to the Sawbill area. Thanks, Tim!

Tim spotted this loon on Sawbill Lake

This eagle was seen perched in a tree on Boulder Lake


Young bull moose feeding in a pond just off The Grade

Trumpeter Swans on the Temperance River

When you see wildlife on your next trip, remember to keep your distance - the BWCA is their home and we are guests, lucky enough to travel through their lakes and woods for a brief period of time. - Elena

6/13/17 - When on a Boundary Waters trip, it is often tempting to cover as much ground as possible each day. Longer portages and the uncertainty of campsite availability can often lure visitors into a destination mindset. The journey, however, is often the true experience and reward of a visit to the BWCA.

We encourage you to slow down and take a look around the next time you're out in the wilderness. You never know what you might see!

Photo by Patrick Shroba, a longtime customer at Sawbill

Photo by Patrick Shroba

Moose Tracks - photo by Pamela Collins

Photo by Steve Collins, of his wife Pamela. Steve and Pamela came to Sawbill all the way from Hawaii!

6/11/17 - Crew members Heidi and TC recently went on a trip from Kawishiwi back to Sawbill, a route known as the Lady Chain. Heidi brought along her GoPro and snapped some amazing shots along the way.

Water lilies have an interesting life cycle - after they bloom, the stem contracts and pulls the lily into the water. After the seeds in the seedpod mature, they float the surface, and then sink again, starting the life cycle of the lily all over again.

An eagle feather found at one of their campsites with TC's thigh for scale. In true Leave No Trace fashion, Heidi and TC left this treasure for others to enjoy.

Crew members all have the opportunity to go out on trips during the summer and are excellent sources of first-hand experience with many of the routes visitors are interested in. If you're curious about the best campsites or special sights, please don't hesitate to ask! - Elena

6/6/17 - We get a lot of visitors through Sawbill with varied and interesting backgrounds. A few days ago, we had a visitor who was out of this world.

Loren Acton is an astronaut, who flew in space for a week in 1985 on the STS-51F/Spacelab-2 Challenger which launched from the Kennedy Space Station in Florida, and landed at Edwards Air Force Base in California. His area of specialty as a researcher and professor at Montana State is solar x-ray physics.

Loren and Evelyn visited Sawbill from Bozeman, MT.

After being in outer space, the BWCA must have seemed pretty tame for Loren, but both he and Evelyn reported having a lovely stay in the campground. - Elena

6/4/17 - One of the draws of a trip to the Boundary Waters is the opportunity to go fishing. For some visitors, this is the main activity of a canoe trip, while for others it's a nice way to close out the day.

Andrew Hershey and Sam Coleman came up on May 30th, and Sam hooked a beautiful 14", 1.5 lb Brook Trout right here on Sawbill Lake.

Sam with his catch.

Andrew and Sam are all smiles with their trout - hopefully it made for a tasty meal!

The Sawbill crew is well versed in all the best fishing spots, so if you're interested in scoping out those areas, feel free to ask! - Elena

6/2/17 - We're looking to redesign our website and want to hear from the people using it most - you! Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey. Your feedback will be immeasurably helpful in making sure that visitors like you can access the information they need with ease.

Thank you! - Elena

Current Sawbill Newsletter | « May 2017 | July 2017 »

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