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Sawbill Newsletter Archives: May 2015
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5/31/15 - Former Sawbill crew members like to stay in touch. Lida Casper sent this picture of her adorable daughter, Mia, rocking her classic Sawbill hoodie while eating lefsa at the farmers market.

Mia stays warm with a sweatshirt and lefse.

Nils Anderson, now a naturalist at Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center in Finland, Minnesota, stopped by this week for a short canoe trip and snapped this nice picture of a bull moose. - Bill

Seeing a moose in the wild is always a treat.

5/28/15 - Frequent Sawbill visitor, Steve Thyren, sent along a nice note and picture today. - Bill

Thanks for setting us up with the canoes! We had a great time. When I asked my girls if they would like to come back some day, Allison said: "Well Dad, maybe just 100,000 more times!" - Steve Thyren

Here is a picture of her paddling on Sunday morning... dead calm.


5/23/25 - The yearly Wine Lake trip, eagerly awaited by a select group of Sawbill gentlemen, departed on Saturday.

The re-telling of "enHansenated" stories is an essential part of the Wine Lake trip.

Roy wanted to come along, but he wasn't invited. Maybe next year, Roy!

The landing dock used by Sawbill customers to enter Sawbill Lake has been extended to twice its former length. That means no more traffic jams!

The former dock, known as the iPod Classic of docks, was in need of an upgrade.

This is cause for celebration!

5/22/15 - Eden Prairie High School students participating in the Camping, Climbing, and Canoeing class stayed in the Sawbill Campground last weekend.

All 108 students were very polite and had a lot of fun.

A student showing off his skills - what a catch!

Already looking forward to next year.

5/19/15 - Hopefully, this is the last picture of snow this season! It's only fun because the forecast is very good for the rest of the week and most of the Memorial Day weekend. - Bill

This looks like a typical summer sunrise picture of the Sawbill Store until you notice the snow on the roof and picnic table.

It's hard to get motivated to wash snow covered canoes.

5/15/15 - Listen to this interview with Dr. Frank Ferraro about the effect of wilderness on the brain from the WTIP-FM North Shore Community Radio show, "The Roadhouse." Ferraro's research may lead to your doctor writing you a prescription for a canoe trip! - Bill

Here is the latest edition of the Cook County West End News from WTIP.

Listen to the West End News to find out why Sawbill friend, Jenna Wagner, is sporting a surgical gown.

5/13/15 - Long time Sawbill customer, Frank Ferraro, is a psychology professor at Nebraska Wesleyan University. In recent years, he has conducted experiments on the effect of wilderness on the human brain.

Recently, Dr. Ferraro was interviewed on WTIP-FM, North Shore Community Radio show, "The Road House." His research and the findings seem to confirm what many people feel intuitively about the benefit of wilderness on the human psyche. - Bill

5/12/15 - It is normal to have a day of two of snow in May up here in the north woods. This morning we woke up to a lovely coating of snow on the trees and the canoes. We love it, especially because tomorrow's forecast is warm and sunny. - Bill


The Wenonah canoes were a little heavy this morning. Within a few hours, they'll be back to their lightweight selves.

5/8/15 - Tune in to WTIP-FM tonight at 5:20 pm to hear psychology professor Frank Ferraro talk about his research that suggests that people experience a significant boost in creativity during and immediately after a wilderness canoe trip.

Frank is a longtime Sawbill customer and co-leader of a college class from Nebraskan Wesleyan University called "The Necessity of Wilderness" that outfits through Sawbill Canoe Outfitters.

I believe that almost everyone who travels for more than a few days in a wilderness setting feels a change in their thinking and attitude, but it's always nice to have data to back up your intuition.

You can listen to WTIP by clicking this link or go to I will post a link to the archived interview when it's available. - Bill


5/7/15 - I had to drive over to Ely a couple of days ago to pick up some freight. On the way home I encountered this little bear eating grass alongside the road. It was so absorbed, that it didn't hear the truck coasting to a stop. Once Roy started barking though, it beat a hasty retreat. - Bill

Mamunur Adib and his friends sent along this charming video of their first ever BWCA Wilderness canoe trip last Memorial Day weekend. They had such a good time, they are already planning this year's trip.

5/2/15 - Our talented friend, Tom Spence, was among the first overnight canoeists out of Sawbill this season. He tried to paddle out on the day before the ice went out, but didn't get very far. He returned on the second day after ice out and spent a couple of nights camping on the north end of Sawbill Lake. - Bill

Photo by Tom Spence.

Photo by Tom Spence.


Photo by Tom Spence.

Current Sawbill Newsletter | « April 2015 | June 2015 »

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