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Sawbill Newsletter Archives: March 2015
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3/24/15 - A couple of weeks of warm weather have transformed Sawbill from deep winter to an extended spring season. Around here, I've always heard this season referred to as the "crusted snow moon." That is certainly the case at the moment.

Skiing down the Temperance River on crusted snow a few days ago. Right after this picture was taken I saw moose tracks on the river and even the moose was being held up by the crust! Photo by Nickie Dietz.

Here I am with the great group of friends that skied down the Temperance River. Photo by Nickie Dietz.

These warm, early spring days bring out an insect know locally as "snow fleas." They are actually a species of spring tails that jump long distances when they feel threatened. They move so fast, they give the illusion of just disappearing.

Sawbill Lake is like a big open field for Phoebe and Roy this time of year. They love to run joyfully and bark at ravens flying overhead. What looks like slush is actually frozen solid.

Here are the last few weeks editions of the West End News from WTIP-FM, North Shore Community Radio:
March 19th, 2015
March 12th, 2015
March 5th, 2015
February 26th, 2015

Last but not least, let's not forget that the canoeing season is just around the corner.

Canoeist, Craig Nathan, was nice enough to send along this evocative early morning shot of the Sawbill Lake canoe landing as he began is trip to Cherokee last June. - Bill

3/9/15 - Today is a big day for news from two of the Hansen kids.

Ruthie (Hansen) Williams is celebrating her birthday today. It's been awhile since she was a Sawbill crew member, but she is fondly remembered by many Sawbill campers. Happy birthday Ruthie!

Adam Hansen, who you may remember had a petition heard at the Supreme Court of the United States back in December, received a unanimous ruling in his favor this morning. Congratulations Adam!

For you legal nerds out there, here is the reference to the Supreme Court's ruling: [13-1041 Perez v. Mortgage Bankers Assn. (03/09/2015)] - Bill (proud father)

3/6/15 - Gary Hamer was kind enough to send the link to this beautiful YouTube of his trip through Sawbill last fall. For many more gorgeous photos and videos, visit Gary's website: Bill

3/5/15 - As promised, here are some YouTube clips of my recent television appearance on WDSE's "The PlayList" with my musical partner, Eric Frost.

If you are really interested, here is a link to the whole episode. Eric and I start at about 13:00. Many thanks to Karen Sunderman, Steve Ash and the whole "PlayList" crew for including us in their efforts to highlight the booming music scene up here in little ol' Cook County!

Two other bands from the area will be featured on upcoming episodes. I've played with both of them in the past, so I'll post the links when they become available. - Bill

3/4/15 - You may have seen some recent news reports about a proposed "Sawbill" radio tower. The tower in question is actually located 3.5 miles southeast of Sawbill, near Marsh Lake. It's part of a statewide public safety radio network known as the ARMER network.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation is in charge of building the system and they requested a lease of county land to erect a 330' tower on the site. The Cook County Board of Commissioners voted last week to restrict the tower to be less than 200'. Not only will the lower height make the tower much less visible, but it will not be lighted.

The 330' option would have been visible, both day and night, from many lakes, campsites and portages within the BWCA Wilderness including Alton, Sawbill, Smoke, Burnt and Kelly lakes.

It was gratifying to watch the county commissioners carefully study the issue, listen to their constituents and settle on a solution that everyone can live with. - Bill


Current Sawbill Newsletter | « February 2015 | April 2015 »

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