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Sawbill Newsletter Archives: July 2013
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7/31/13 - JJ, the border collie that was lost in the BWCA Wilderness for two weeks, has been found and joyfully reunited with his owners.

He was lost when he was startled by lightning on the portage south of Cherokee Lake on July 17th. He was sighted on the portage on July 19th, but ran off when called to.

On July 29th, he was sighted on north end of Sawbill Lake. Hearing this news, his owners, Nicole Paradise and Greg Rohleder, from West St. Paul, drove up and started searching on Sawbill Lake.

Eventually, they connected with some campers on the west side of Kelso Lake who had been feeding the skittish dog all morning, but were unable to capture him. They waited the rest of the day, but JJ failed to turn up again.

Nicole and Greg returned to their lodgings in Lutsen and a short time later JJ returned to the campsite where the campers, Dave Krings and Mike Raub, from Lakeville, were able to lure JJ into one of their tents with hot dogs. JJ stayed contentedly in the tent until early this morning when Nicole and Greg returned, delighted to have their dog back!

Here is a video of the moment that they were reunited. - Bill

7/29/13 - JJ, the border collie that was lost south of Cherokee Lake on 7/17/2013, was seen by a canoe party on the far northwest side of Sawbill Lake at noon on Monday, July 29th. They were eating lunch at a campsite, when the dog appeared in the site. When they called to him, he ran off, headed south.

If you are paddling on Sawbill, or nearby lakes, please keep a sharp eye out for JJ. - Bill

He is extremely skittish, so should be coaxed to yummy food very gently.

7/28/13 - Lately, there have been a plethora of puppies at Sawbill. The main pup is, of course, Hank. In addition to stealing all of our hearts, Hank has also doubled in size since he's been here. That makes him a little too big to play with the terriers, but luckily, he's had some more appropriately sized playmates visit. First is Huckleberry (also known as Huck), an English Springer Spaniel puppy about three months older than Hank. Most of the time Huck lives in Montana with his owners, Clare Hansen and Dan Shirley, but he came with them on a visit over July 4th. There's also Ernie, an adorable yellow lab mix who has been up on a few visits this summer with his owners, Patrick Nash and Katie Nulicek. Both dogs have had a great time playing with Hank, and we've loved seeing them romp together! - Britta

This is a current photo of Hank, all dressed up for Christmas in July. What a handsome pup! Photo by Jessica Hemmer.

This is Huckleberry, looking majestic while on a recent canoe trip. Photo by Clare Hansen.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's . . . Hank Anders Hansen! Hank leaps through the air in hot pursuit of his prey, the elusive bear rope. Photo by Carl Hansen.

Huck demonstrates an advanced jumping technique, the Into the Water Leap (you can imagine the splash that followed)! Hank hasn't mastered this skill yet, but we're hoping he'll soon follow his canine companion's example.

Oh, Ernie and his Yoda ears are so cute! Ernie had a great time on his canoe trip, but he got sick from eating pancake batter that had been improperly disposed of by previous campers. Remember, dispose of waste properly- you don't know who might come to eat it!

Hank gets pretty tuckered out at the end of the day!

7/26/13 - The Sawbill crew has had some quality bonding time this week! At the beginning of the week, there was a tent orientation where the entire crew tested the capacity of our new tents. Then, yesterday being the 25th of July, we appropriately held a Christmas in July party! On Wednesday, 'Christmas' Eve, the entire crew pitched in to decorate cookies for the upcoming bash, resulting in some beautiful and some not-so-beautiful cookies. They all tasted delicious, however. Yesterday night, we dined on a Christmas feast (with the cookies for dessert), exchanged Secret Santa gifts and generally had a good time. - Britta

The entire crew (including the puppies) does fit in one Timberline four man tent! There wasn't much leg room, though.

Everyone shows off the finished tasty treats on 'Christmas' eve.

The crew in their festive gear after the Christmas feast. Look at all those Santas and elves!

7/26/13 - Here is this week's edition of the Cook County West End News from WTIP, North Shore Community Radio. - Bill

7/25/13 - The other week, former crew members Clare Hansen and Dan Shirley dropped in from Missoula, Montana to go on a canoe trip. Not only did they have a great time, but they also caught a really big fish! They landed this monster Northern Pike on one of the BWCA's many fishing lakes,using only four pound test line and Diawa minispin rod. The pair didn't even have a net or a leader! While both Clare and Dan were pretty excited about their catch, they decided to release it back into the lake and instead dine on some of the smaller, more manageable fish they caught. - Britta

Dan with his big fish. Photo by Clare Hansen.

7/24/13 - On a routine trip into Tofte for groceries and other necessities, Laura and I came across a lone Timber Wolf trotting down the Sawbill Trail. He ran alongside our car for a good five minutes (just enough time to snap some great photos!) before we decided to drive past him. - Nicole

TimberWolf1_7_24_13.jpg was definitely a hot day for a run!

He didn't seem to have a problem with the paparazzi..

7/17/13- A week and a half ago, Sawbill held its annual Dome Dance. This contra-type dance is called by the fantastic Terrence Smith, and always boasts a stellar folk band. Since the dance was held so close to the 4th of July, we had many former crew and campers join us. As these photos show, a good time was had by all! - Britta

A circle dance. Photo by Clare Hansen.

Joe and Allison promenade in a stately fashion. Photo by Clare Hansen.

The dome dance always involves copious amounts of twirling and spinning. Photo by Clare Hansen.

Bill sneaked away from the band to dance with Cindy. Photo by Clare Hansen.

Photo by Clare Hansen.

Carl shows off his best dance moves and his dancing face. Photo by Clare Hansen.

7/15/13 - Here is this week's edition of the Cook County West End News from WTIP, North Shore Community Radio and a couple of pictures of the luna moths mentioned. - Bill

Attracted by the light. Photo by Carl Hansen, copyrighted and used by permission.

Luna moths sleeping the day away on the luna moth tree.

7/14/13 - Sawbill's snapping turtles are back in residence. On and off throughout the years, one to two snapping turtles have been spotted hanging out in Sawbill Lake. This year, two have been spotted, but they haven't caused any problems. While in the water, snapping turtles are generally quite docile- if you don't bother them, they shouldn't bother you. However, snappers should be given their space on land because they can't pull their legs and arms into their shells for protection which makes them aggressive if approached too closely. This female snapper that resident photographer Carl Hansen caught on land in early July looked to be laying her eggs. Snappers normally lay eggs mid-June, but the long winter and cold spring have delayed many natural processes. - Britta

A front view of one of Sawbill's snapping turtles. Photo by Carl Hansen.

The snapping turtle from the side. Photo by Carl Hansen.

7/13/13 - The crew picture for this year has been taken! Last Friday, almost every crew member for this year gathered in front of the store to take a picture in this year's crew shirts. The shirt features a cute woodblock print of Roy and lists his loves underneath the picture. Roy also got his own shirt, although he didn't seem too overjoyed to wear it. - Britta

Back Row (from left to right): Luke Opel, Ana Koch, Sarah Davidson, Carl Hansen, Hank Anders Hansen, Crista Clark, Tyler Campbell, Jessica Hemmer, Joe Daniels, and the photo is Leif Gilsvik who couldn't join us as he is paddling the Mississippi. Middle Row: Nils Anderson. Front Row: Meg Simon, Bill Hansen, Phoebe Fern Hansen, Roy Wonder Hansen, Laura Hoppe, Britta Dornfeld, Cindy Hansen and Nicole Kline.

Roy unwillingly showing off his shirt--he got a biscuit afterward.

7/9/13 - With the casual changes from sun to rain, the types of bugs we've been seeing have been oscillating on a daily basis. While the epic battle between the mosquito and the dragon fly continues..deer and black flies have been as persistent as ever to be as annoying as they can manage. But there are some friendlier and more interesting bugs that make the insects up here something to pay attention to. -Nicole

I went to go catch the sunset down at the landing the other warm evening and found these Canadian Tiger Swallowtail butterflies hanging out!

Though I've visited Sawbill since I was a kid..this was my first time seeing the turtle-esque Carrion Beetle!

7/6/13 - July 4th, of course, means dragon boat racing at Sawbill. It was a beautiful and competitive evening for all! -Nicole

The four teams line up right before starting time! Photo by Erik Torch

It was a close one and everyone did some excellent paddling.. but team "'Merica" prevailed! This team included Tyler Campbell, Carl Hansen, Jessica Hemmer and myself. Photo by Erik Torch

7/3/13 - Daniel Kahl of Manhatten, Kansas just sent us these wonderful photos he took while on a trip up to Malberg Lake. We really love seeing what a great time people have and what interesting things they see on their trips! - Britta

This stunning loon close-up was taken by Dan Kahl.

This photo was taken on Malberg Lake in the early morning. Photo by Dan Kahl.

7/2/13 - With the temperatures rising and wildflowers blooming, it finally feels like summer. Flowers such as false lilies of the valley, prickly wild roses, and forget-me-nots have begun to show up in the forests and along the sides of trails, adding brilliant patches of violet, yellow, white, and pink to the greenery that currently abounds. Wild strawberries have also come out, heralding sweet treats in the months to come. The bursts of color are a wonderful addition to everyday life here. - Britta

A cluster of bunchberry blooming along the Sawbill trail. This lovely flower was introduced in 1774 in England and became an instant star in shade gardens.

These spotted coralroot orchids can be found on the path connecting the store to the road leading to the landing. These intriguing flowers live on decaying organic matter and don't photosynthesize. Instead, they get their food from fungus that deliver the nutrients from the decaying matter on which the orchids live.

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