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Sawbill Newsletter Archives: January 2011
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1/30/11 - Mostly, I consider regular snowfall a wonderful gift. It is not only beautiful, but it enables our favorite outdoor activities. But, there are a few drawbacks. Plowing and shoveling are the routine chores, but when the snow gets to a certain depth some of our older buildings need to have their roofs shoveled. I use an old metal sign to slice the snow-pack into blocks and then slide them off the roof with a grain scoop. The process is kind of fun for the first few hours, then it begins to lose its charm. However, an iPod with a good book on it helps the time fly by. When the job is done, you can simply step off the roof and slide down the pile to the ground. - Bill

The old campground rules sign make the perfect tool for carving the snow on the shower house into blocks.

36" of snow on the shower house.

Sliding a block.

The easy part.

1/19/2011 - It is hard not to love winter on a day like today. I stepped outside early this morning to be greeted by perfectly still, perfectly clear, crisp air with just the lightest of snows falling straight down. The trees are loaded with six to ten inches of brilliant white snow. My footsteps made the squeaky soda-cracker sound as I walked into the canoe yard and the ubiquitous blue jays set up a chorus of not-very-worried warning when they saw me. The powder snow that we received most recently makes perfectly sculpted ski tracks and provides for nearly silent snow shoeing. - Bill


1/4/11 - The great thing about this year, so far, is that it is solidly winter. Temperatures are just in the single digits during the day and below zero at night. There is deep snow everywhere, including on every twig and branch in the forest. The air is crystal clear, crisp and sweet. The pictures below are from our annual reunion of current and former Sawbill crew members. - Bill

The whole happy group toasting with champagne on Sawbill Lake just moments before 2011 begins.

Sliding fun.

Our little 4K ski trail is gorgeous right now.

Crew member Joe Daniels lives up to his nickname, "Snowbaby".

Current Sawbill Newsletter | « December 2010 | February 2011 »

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