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Sawbill Newsletter Archives: November 2009
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11/24/09 - Just a few days ago, I was standing on the ice (albeit tenderly) and the dogs were running all over the lake with confidence. Today, the ice is completely gone. Cindy and I are going for a paddle tomorrow, weather permitting. I remember many years ago there was no ice on Thanksgiving and everyone was astounded - it was unheard of. Now, it is almost the norm. - Bill

Not a trace of ice left.

While on our walk this afternoon, we found this old boot down by the Forest Service cabin. It has a very old fashioned look, including an all leather sole. It was also small and narrow - presumably a woman's boot.

11/21/09 - The temperature dropped into the teens for the first time last night and the lake ice firmed up enough for the dogs to walk on it. It's still too thin for skating, but one or two more cold nights and we'll be flying! - Bill

Phoebe and Roy carefully check the ice before attempting to walk on it. Dogs seem to have a good sense of whether or not the ice is safe.

Phoebe is happy to discover that the ice will support her.

Off they go to explore new territory.

11/17/09 - As day broke this morning a wonderland of fog and frost was slowly revealed. Each twig and needle frosty white and standing perfectly still in profound silence. Even the lapping of wavelets was absent as Sawbill Lake froze from shore to shore overnight. - Bill

A cedar branch wears its crystal coat.

The island slowly reveals itself to be surrounded by ice on Sawbill Lake.

The "moose pond" along the Sawbill Trail waiting for a moose to come along and break up the skim ice.

11/16/09 - Ed Dallas, Sawbill's Poet Laureate, sent along this morning hiaku:

companions ~~
wind and smoke travel
in the same direction

11/11/09 - Mike Tincher, from the Twin Cities, was kind enough to send this cool composite picture and beautiful sketch of his recent canoe trip. Thanks Mike! - Bill



11/10/09 - Cindy and I went for a paddle today - with all three dogs, of course. This may be the last day for paddling in 2009. - Bill

The ice was too thick right at the canoe landing, so we portaged to the far end of the canoe storage area and still had to break ice for 100 feet.

Phoebe doesn't like the getting in the canoe (she doesn't like cars either), but seems happy once she's in.

Last moment of the last paddle of the season.

11/9/09 - Jacqui Larson, from Silver Bay, sent along this picture from mid-October. The canoeists are University of Minnesota - Duluth, students in an outdoor education class. The weather was cold, windy and wet, but all the students reported having an awesome trip. - Bill

Intrepid UMD students canoeing in October winter weather.

11/7/09 - Roy Wonder, Sawbill's Deputy of Outfitter Security, turned two years old today. He celebrated with a gourmet breakfast of dog food mixed with cottage cheese and an extra long w-a-l-k in the campground. - Bill

Roy ponders his next move against the invading squirrel army.

11/4/09 - Although we've been having drearier than usual late October and early November weather, occasionally the sun breaks through and the wind drops, causing us to yearn for one more canoe trip. Just a few hours later, freezing drizzle and high winds cause us to yearn for fast ski trails. - Bill

Homer enjoys a brief interlude of November sun and calm.

Current Sawbill Newsletter | « October 2009 | December 2009 »

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