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Sawbill Newsletter Archives: January 2009
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1/29/09 - One of the most common questions that we hear during the canoeing season is, "What do you do in the winter?" The truth is, that we mostly work in the winter, although at a slower pace than the summer and with some totally free time for vacation. Thanks to generous family members, we had the opportunity to miss the latest Minnesota cold snap by retreating to the sweet Caribbean island of Anguilla. Soon we'll back in Minnesota, skiing, shoveling and bundling-up, but meanwhile....

Savannah Bay Beach, Anguilla, British West Indies

Cindy's feet enjoying the view from their beds of sugary, pink coral sand.

Sawbill Canoe Outfitters business card posted on the wall in 2002 at Nat's Place, a funky beach bar at Junk's Hole, Savannah Bay, Anguilla.

1/21/09 - We received this nice email today. Thanks Mark.

Dear Bill and Crew,

Just wanted to say thank you for allowing us to get ready in your shop for our little winter expedition last Thursday. It was amazingly cold that first day & night, especially with the wind howling from the West, but overall, we had a wonderful time right through Sunday. We've ventured into the Sawbill/Alton/Beth areas the last couple of years and this area has become a favorite of ours for a winter excursion into the BWCAW. You are so blessed to be able to live and work in such an amazingly beautiful place.

I've attached a few of pictures from our trip. I hope you have a warm and fruitful rest of the winter and look forward to our next meeting hopefully later this year.

For the team,

Mark Kingsriter

Heading south on Alton Lake.

Yes, it was this cold!

Looking at Sawbill Lake from the east end of the Alton portage.

1/20/09 - Sawbill was represented at the historic presidential inauguration in Washington D. C. today.

Long-time Sawbill crew member Molly Breslin shows Sawbill pride on the mall in D.C. Molly is from Illinois and traveled to Ohio to campaign for Barak Obama after leaving Sawbill last fall.

1/16/09 - We are emerging from an epic cold snap. We hadn't seen any territory above zero degrees for the last four days. The warm weather arrived today with a balmy high near five degrees.

Our first crew member for the 2009 season has arrived. Katie "KT" Nulicek graduated from college just before Christmas and agreed to come help us haul wood, shovel snow, price t-shirts, etc. while she waits for the other crew members to arrive in the spring and early summer. She was a crew member during the 2007 season, but had to skip last year to attend summer school.

KT is an artist, so she is not only painting nearly every day, but is enjoying the inspiration of our incredible winter scenery here at Sawbill. - Bill

KT Nulicek - happy to be on Sawbill Lake in sub-zero weather.

I don't know how a picture can convey extremely cold temperatures, but this one does.

1/8/09 - Wonderful winter weather continues here at Sawbill. Cold, soft snow is falling on a regular basis. The temperatures have been cold and another cold stretch is forecast for the coming week. Of course, being true Minnesotans, when it goes below zero, we stop wearing shorts.

With two kids home from college, we've been getting some extra work done. Today, Carl Hansen joined the snow plow driver's club. He did a good, careful job on his first time.

A common sight this year.

Carl displays wild excitement during his first snow plowing experience.

1/5/09 - Happy New Year to all. It has been a great winter so far with mostly very cold temperatures (-15 last night) and lots of snow (24" on the ground right now). The snow has stayed on the trees for now, making a postcard view where ever you look.

We have been extremely busy here with many wonderful visitors. Every year, we invite our current and past crew members to visit around the New Year holiday. This year we had 35 people show up! By far the largest group we've ever had. Uproarious good times were had by all, as you can see in the pictures below.

Along with eating, drinking, dancing, visiting and laughing, sliding was one of the popular activities of the holidays.

Caitlin, Kari, and a third unidentified rider careen down the hill.

Clare, unidentified, Adam and Nathan stop abruptly at a tree. No injuries were sustained.

Ellyn and Kari enjoy hilarity.

Better than the beach.

Lest you think it was all play and no work, here is part of the firewood hauling crew hard at work.

Current Sawbill Newsletter | « December 2008 | February 2009 »

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