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Sawbill Newsletter Archives: December 2006
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12/26/06 - Tim Norman from Tofte brought up his radio controlled airplane this morning and flew it in the calm air above Sawbill Lake. The electric powered airplane carries his digital camera aloft and Tim can snap pictures as he flies.

This picture is looking west from Sawbill Lake near the canoe landing. Sawbill Lake is in the foreground and Alton Lake is in the background. I think you can see a couple of winter campers (black dots) on Alton right in middle of the picture.

12/25/06 - The recent warm weather has converted the snow on the lakes into a firm enough crust for skate skiing. We have all been taking advantage of the good conditions to explore the nearby lakes. - Bill

Adam approaches at high speed near the wilderness boundary on Sawbill Lake. The length of the shadow is interesting because this picture was taken near noon.

Adam inspects some fresh wolf tracks on the Alton side of the Alton/Kelso portage.

I am soaking up some sun along the cliffs on Beth Lake near the portage to Ella Lake. If you look carefully, you can see me waving to the camera.

12/23/06 - Holiday greetings to all from Sawbill! This is the time of year when we spend less time in the office and more time playing outside. Clare Hansen is home from college and we took our new puppy, Phoebe, to help collect our Christmas tree. - Bill

Phoebe gives Clare some love as they search for a tree.

Phoebe explores the winter woods with curiousity and spirit.

12/12/06 - We've received many, many emails and cards offering sympathy for the untimely death of our dog Izzy. Many people shared the connection they made with Izzy, sometimes in only one meeting. It reminds us that our dogs really belong to the whole Sawbill family. Thank you to all.

While we can never replace Izzy, we have welcomed a new puppy to Sawbill. Like Izzy, she is an Avon Terrier from Willow Hill Kennels. Her name is Phoebe (we name all our dogs after nearby lakes) and she is a delightful addition. She is affectionate, friendly, and curious. Homer, our six year old Golden Retriever, gave us a very clear "oh no" look when we introduced her, but he's been won over quickly.

Phoebe Fern Hansen

Current Sawbill Newsletter | « November 2006 | January 2007 »

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