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Sawbill Newsletter Archives: August 2006
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8/31/06 - This is the saddest time of year as the majority of our crew is leaving. Kari and Johnny Anderson-Hermann left yesterday. The whole crew saw them off with the traditional Sawbill Salute. Today is the last night for Davey Bodeau and Matt Hartmann who are leaving to start their fall semesters at the University of WIsconsin, River Falls and the Gustavus Adolphus, respectively. We will miss you all this winter, but look forward to seeing you again next summer. -Corey

Matt and Davey waving goodbye on their last day.

8/29/06 - Today marks the 60th anniversary of the union between Frank and Mary Alice Hansen. Throughout the years the couple has accomplished much together. Together they grew, with love, a small family and small business into thriving testaments about themselves. All I can think to write is thank you, thank you for creating this wonderous place. -Johnny

Together in the middle Frank and Mary Alice are surrounded by both their Hansen and Sawbill families.

8/27/06 - As summer grows closer and closer to an end, the weather has not been informed of the change. The weather has been beautiful. By day, the sun has supplied us with warmth and by night the stars have aided our sleep with their comforting glow. These chilly nights also provide us with the perfect opportunity for the age old tradition of the campfire. Campers and the crew have indeed taken advantage of these last beautiful days of Summer. -Johnny

This little bat was found clinging to one of the buildings on campus.

This large pine beetle lounged on a Sawbill canoe in the yard. The beetle's antena were at least 4 inches wide!

8/25/06 - We received this charming email and attached photos today:

To the staff @ Sawbill Canoe Outfitters:
My boyfriend, Tim Petricek, who's camped several times per year at Sawbill
for 30+ years, recently took me on my very first (ever!) camping trip from
July 13-18, 2006.

Although I had no previous "outdoors" experience and had only been on a
canoe once in my life before visiting the BWCA region w/Tim, I've become a
major fan of the Sawbill experience! I loved tent-camping under the stars,
paddling & fishing on Sawbill & Lichen lakes, taking shelter during severe
weather, driving thru acres & acres of untouched wilderness land, and seeing
a wide variety of animals and birds for the first time, up close!

The 3 attached photos depict what turned out to be one of the biggest
highlights of our trip--driving up to a marshy clearing about 7 mi. from
Sawbill and spotting a mother moose and her baby, feeding on vegetation!
Tim & I took several photos of the moose, as well as photos of us standing
in front of them. Until that moment, I'd never seen a moose before...but
their beauty & serenity captivated me!

I loved the trip so much that I dreaded going home on the last day...and I
can't wait to come back very soon!

Thanks again for helping to provide a life-altering experience!
Jenny Pekulik
Oak Creek, WI




8/20/06 - While the lakes in the BWCA are world-renowned for canoeing, there are several day hikes in our region that are definitely worth checking out while you're here. Today crew members Carl Geving and Matt Hartmann hiked to the top of Carlton peak. Other great hikes in our area include Britton Peak and Eagle Mountain. Eagle Mountain is actually the highest point in Minnesota reaching its peak at 2,301 feet.

Matt relaxes while taking in the beauty of Lake Superior.

Carl cozies up to a mossy boulder.

8/18/06 - Fishing seems to be picking up some as the summer draws to a close. Aaron Parkinson, a third generation Sawbillian, proudly displayed this large bass outside our store one evening last week. Just one of many big fish caught out of Sawbill this summer.

Great catch Aaron

8/18/06 - Ed and Chelsea Dancek arrived today along with uncle David Monos. The trio gladly posed for a picture to commemorate Chelsea's first BWCA trip (Ed has been coming for 12 years). We expect to see six-year-old Aubri up here next summer.

Chelsea's doing great mom!

8/15/06 - Another beautiful day rolled by as the summer draws nearer to completion. Carl boarded his flight to Norway this morning at 7 a.m. and is expected to arrive in chilly Hamar in about a day.

The last glimpse of Carl as he left for Norway.

This picture commemorates the union of former crewmembers Jeff Green & Laura Smith, just the latest Sawbill romance that resulted in marriage. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Greensmith

The warm sun drew this little Garter snake out of his home and into the store, this snake was under one foot long.

8/15/06 - The fire ban will be lifted starting Thursday, August 17th. Fires will be allowed at any time within the BWCA Wilderness in the fire grates provided at the campsites.

The Cavity Lake Fire, the largest in modern history in Northeastern Minnesota, is all but out. The Forest Service is officially calling it 95% contained, but we don't even smell a hint of smoke from it any more. The hard, soaking rain that we had two days ago certainly helped and it raised the stream levels a little bit too. - Bill

8/14/06 - Today marked the beginning of an exciting new adventure in the life of our youngest crewmember and Hansen family member Carl. Carl has left Sawbill to spend a year of high school abroad in Hamar, Norway. It was an emotional moment as Carl said his goodbyes but we all take comfort in the knowledge that Carl's charming personality and winning attitude will contribute to an excellent school year in Norway, even if does not know the language! In other news the Sawbill area received some much needed rain yesterday and has only sunny skies in the forcast- Johnny

A picture of Carl from this last winter, Carl will get plenty of winter this year in Norway.

A map of Norway, note close proximity to Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and the Baltic Sea.

The Norwegian Flag. Red, White, and Blue are all present on this flag!

8/10/06 - Today was another beautiful day in August. The bugs were virtually nonexistent, the temperature was exceedingly pleasant, and everything else fell perfectly into place. The day also brought excitement in the form of a fish. - Johnny

This 21 lb. 45'' Northern Pike was caught on an undisclosed lake in the BWCA Wilderness by fisherman Jonah. The crew has affectionately referred to this beautiful monster as "Jonah's Whale."

Another shot of the amazing fish.

A sunset over Sawbill Lake (not the pole that caught "Jonah's Whale").

8/10/06 - As of today, the route to Little Saganaga Lake through Mora Lake has been reopened. This was the only route that is commonly used by Sawbill canoeists that was closed due to the Cavity Lake fire. The fire is now 95% contained and is not expected to cause any further trouble. Below is the official notification about open and closed routes from the Forest Service:

Open Lakes/canoe routes:
The following lakes/routes are open for paddling & overnight camping. Not all campsites on these lakes are open. Closed sites will be posted as a closed campsite. There is no camping on Jap and Jasper.

- Alpine to Jasper (no camping), Jasper to Kingfisher, Kingfisher to Ogishkemuncie.

- Flying, Fay, Bingshick, Glee, Elusion, and Glossy.

- J A Paulson (JAP) is open for paddling through, both campsites are closed.

- Crooked, Tarry, Mora, Little Sag, Rattle, Gabimichigami, Agamok, Mueller and Ogishkemuncie.

Closed Lakes:
The following lakes are closed for the remainder of the season:

- Fern, French, Powell, West Fern, Peter, Virgin, Howard, Elm and Warclub.

Kekekabic Trail: The Kek Trail is currently closed due to the Level 2 Fire Restriction. When the restriction is lifted, the Kekekabic Trail will be closed for the remainder of the season from the Gunflint Trail traveling west to Strup Lake (near Kekekabic Lake).

8/9/06 - Ron Holtman and his friends have been customers here at Sawbill for many years. They sent along these great pictures from their trip last week.

A gorgeous sunset is the reward at the end of a long paddle.

The Holtman party relaxing at their campsite.

8/5/06 - The temperatures have finally cooled off a bit and we're experiencing beautiful 80 degree days and cool evenings. We've even had a little rain during the past week which has put an end to the spread of wildfires.

Yesterday, Carl's band, Freakers with Speakers, played in Grand Marais for the annual Fishermen's Picnic and tonight Bill's band, The Splinters, will take center stage. The crew is heading down for the party! -Corey

Homer models his new rainsuit.

Here we are in a 5 person frisbee circle with Carl in the middle.

Freakers with Speakers on the main stage at the Fishermen's Picnic in Grand Marais.

8/2/06 - The sun rose with good news today as it brought both pleasant temperatures and increased containment of the Cavity Lake fire. The weather today was in the 70's with a refreshing breeze from across the lake. The Cavity lake fire was also upgraded to 85% contained - although the limited fire ban remains in effect. This truly was a day sent on good intentions.

A rainbow that appeared above the store captured the eyes of many.

This friendly Dragonfly was nice enough to sit on my finger and eat Mosquitoes, which are near to being completely gone.

Today marks Homer's sixth birthday. Homer is seen with his mother Daisy Mae, sister Cedar, and personal friend Izzy. Happy Birthday Homer!

7/31/06 - Today brought some much needed relief from the busiest weekend so far this year. All the crew say "thank you" to all the great people that we get to meet here at Sawbill. The heat index topped 100 degrees today, but the heat is nothing that a quick dip into water cannot solve. The heat has now been absorbed into a large and spectacular thunderstorm, with thunder claps overhead and a soothing rhythm pounding on the roof. The drenching rain is welcome to reduce the fire danger and increase the water levels. -Johnny

Cindy recognized this adventurer in front of the store. He is Scott Sorenson of Traverse City, MI. Since June 27, Scott has circumnavigated both the Quetico and the BWCA, a total trip of 535 miles. Cindy and Scott were reuinted for this picture after having met two weeks earlier on the Granite river while Cindy was on her own trip. Scott says "Hi to Dorothy."

Some of the interesting clouds that could be seen over Sawbill.

Rain began to pour only moments after the picture above was taken.

Frog's eye view of Sawbill during the midday rain storm.

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