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Sawbill Newsletter Archives: April 2006
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4/28/06 - Our first new crew member for the 2006 season has arrived. Corey Belt is from Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. He has been traveling the world for the last eight years, visiting nearly forty countries. He has lived and worked in Japan, Chile, Mexico, and New Zealand. He speaks conversational Japanese and Spanish. He is a kayaker, hiker, sailor, scuba diver, and guitar player.

Corey bonds with Homer and the new canoes.

4/21/06 - Cindy and I returned from vacation to find Sawbill Lake free of ice. Last night, Cindy, Lida, Alison and I paddled over to check on the ice on Alton Lake. We had all four of us - and both dogs - in one canoe. As we started down the lake, we were greeted by the call of Sawbill Lake's resident loon. Only the male was on hand (we guessed that his mate caught a later flight), and as always, he swam very close to us without concern. It is hard to imagine that he just flew all the way from the Gulf of Mexico. Alton Lake was indeed ice free. We enjoyed watching a nice sunset, then paddled home while the loon continued his mournful serenade. - Bill

Alison snapped this picture of (front to back): Homer, Izzy (her first canoe ride), Cindy, Bill and Lida.

Alton Lake at sunset on April 20th, 2006. Several ancient artifacts have been found at the spot where this picture was taken. It is humbling to think that people stood on this spot and enjoyed the same beauty thousands of years ago.

4/17/06 - Good news, the ice is out! Yesterday evening Mary Alice, Alison and I hiked down to the lake as part of our nightly routine to measure the progress of the ice out. At that time the only area in our line of vision that was not ice covered was the southern bay of Sawbill Lake, near the creek. It seemed that it would be at least a few days before we would be able to get a canoe in to paddle around the perimeter of the lake. Well, we were in for a surprise. This evening after dinner we made our nightly trek to the lake, as we strolled toward the landing and our view of the lake became more panoramic we saw only water. Somehow in less than 24 hours the ice has vanished, an amazing change that leaves me with a feeling of awe. It's incredible to be here to witness such an astonishing transformation. - Lida

Sawbill Lake on April 18th, one day after the ice disappeared.

Current Sawbill Newsletter | « March 2006 | May 2006 »

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