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Sawbill Newsletter Archives: March 2003
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3/29/03 - If its trying to follow the old adage of "In like a lion, out like a lamb", March seems to be a bit dyslexic this year. A snowstorm descended upon us yesterday and dropped almost 6" of snow, covering any bare ground that had poked its way out and blanketing the trees. -Beth

What a difference a day makes. The early spring sun holds plenty of warmth and is already softening up the snow.

3/27/03 - Every bird in the neighborhood seemed to be out and about yesterday, zipping here and there, signing so loudly and cheerfully - a winter's worth of gossip to catch up on, I guess. Today a change in the weather brought a few snowflakes flying through the early morning breeze. A couple of inches of snow have been predicted for tonight. -Beth

Bare ground and a slushy lake made yesterday feel even warmer than it already was.

3/25/03 - Yesterday, as we sat at the kitchen table enjoying lunch, a bit of movement in the woods outside the window caught Bill's eye. A few hundred feet back, a small moose wandered through the swamp. We kept watch for his companions, but he must have been bringing up the rear of the moose train since he was the only one we saw.

Continued warm weather has melted much of the snow on the ground. The lake has a few inches of slush on top of the still thick ice that is making any skiing on the lake impossible right now. If the temperatures drop and the slush sets up it could make for some great spring skiing. An incredibly strong west wind blew most of the day yesterday and took down a couple of big trees across the Sawbill Trail. Between the downed trees and the spring run-off creating huge ruts in the road, it was a bit of a challenge making it into town. -Beth

3/23/03 - Walking down to the lake tonight after a warm weekend, I saw the earliest signs of spring emerging. The afternoon light hung around until early evening, a faint smell of pine trees floated in the damp air, Homer and Sunnie were wet and muddy up to their hips, and the ski tracks on the lake had started disappearing into puddles. The most telling sign that its time for spring to arrive was the smile that these changes brought to my face. -Beth

3/20/03 - I skied on the lake last night after several days of very warm weather. I was able to navigate about 10 K, but it wasn't the best of conditions. The lake ice is still nearly 4 feet thick, but there is water standing on top of it. In some places there is 4" of slushy snow, while in other places there is standing water is nearly 6" deep. I skied home with wet feet. This morning it started to rain and it rained steadily until 3 o'clock when it turned to wet snow. More snow is predicted tomorrow, so maybe winter isn't done with us yet. - Bill

Freezing rain coated every twig this morning.

3/16/03 - Sloppy, drippy, and gloriously warm pretty much sums up Sawbill this weekend. Its around 55 degrees today and even the slight breeze feels warm. The sound of melting snow dripping off the roof seems to be keeping a measured beat for the (quickly?) approaching spring. The forecast is calling for temps to remain above freezing all week, with chances for rain almost every day. -Beth

3/12/03 - While in the Twin Cities this past weekend, Cindy had a chance to get together with a large group of former crew members. Jon and Laurie Robertson hosted the Sawbill reunion. The former crew members who have learned that they need to show up at these affairs to defend themselves amongst all the Sawbill storytelling were Ellen (Lock) and her husband Greg Bagnato, John "Obie" Oberholtzer, Sandy Zinn and Will Decker, Kristin (Lundgren) Ferrier and her daughters, Paul Lundgren and Gina Isaak, Peter and Megan Glashagel, and Katy Harris and her husband Shannon along with their new son. Cindy wanted to assure everyone who couldn't make it that yes, they did tell that story with you in it that you keep hoping everyone has forgotten about and you'll just have to show up next time to set the record straight. -Beth

3/10/03 - The John Beargrease Sled Dog Race crossed the Sawbill Trail a week or so ago. A checkpoint is located on the Trail so the teams stop and rest there, often using straw to bed down. There must be remnants of dog food and whatnot left in the straw as dozens of ravens were congregating in that area for a couple of days after the race ended. While driving through there a few days ago, the herd of ravens lifted off as my car passed by. A flash of white caught my eye and I focused in on the blur. A bald eagle had joined the ravens in looking for food. The ravens had all flown directly up into the trees above where they had been scavenging, but the eagle launched itself about 15 feet in the air and followed the roadway. It stayed just above my windshield for a couple of hundred feet, allowing me a great up close view of this large and impressive bird. It finally spotted a tree to its liking and turned off the trail to settle on top of a nearby pine tree. -Beth

3/5/03 - A couple of more news items about former Sawbill crew members. Sue Hankins ('86 - '89), and her husband Russ Meller announce the birth of their first child, daughter Grace Nash Meller.

Another future Sawbill crew member, Grace Nash Meller, born Sunday, March 2nd at 6:23 a.m.. She tipped the scales at 7 lbs., 5 oz and is 20.25 inches long.

Paul Lundgren (also '86 - '89) visited this week with his girlfriend, Gina Isaak. They ventured out in the bitter cold for some cross country skiing.

Paul Lundgren and Gina Isaak. Gina shows the proper attitude toward Paul's photography.

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