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Sawbill Newsletter Archives: October 2001
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10/31/01 - Many things have been happening here at Sawbill. In fact, it has been so busy that updating the newsletter has been difficult. Here is a recap:

Yesterday, the trusses were installed on the store building addition.

The boom truck lifts trusses into place. Crew member Max Wilson and contractor Grey Jordan nail them into place.

Over the weekend, we had our store moving party. Ten former Sawbill crew members and friends spent two days moving every last thing out of the store building and tore out a good portion of the inside of the store. A huge Sawbill thank you to every one for lending a hand. We couldn't have done it alone.

The moving and tear-out crew in the upper store with all the merchandise, shelving and slat wall removed. . Back row left to right: Bill, Max Wilson, Beth Rolf, Bill Kubiak, Betsy Moyer, Rick Grupe, Steve Hedman, Natasha Warner, John "OB" Oberholtzer, Mary Pat Grupe. Paul Lundgren,. Front row left to right: Bob Kubiak, Dee Hedman, Cindy, Ellen Lock. The other picture is the inside of the lower part of the store minus the old ceiling, shelving, partition walls, and paneling.

How many crew members does it take to move a safe? Three of Sawbill's "most senior" ex-crew declare it "M

We had our traditional annual pumpkin carving party with the usual participation of the Winter/Dornfeld family from Owatonna, MN. Carol Winter is a former Sawbill crew member.

Betsy, Natasha, Max and Beth attack their pumpkins with vigor. And, the frightening results.

10/18/01 - Late breaking news from Steve and Kate Surbaugh:

Our little addition to the family has finally arrived!  Kate gave birth to 7lbs 12 oz and 20.5 inch William Ferguson Surbaugh at 1:40 AM this morning.  Mother and baby are very healthy and the father is very proud of both of them.  Kate was the star of the floor last night with all of the nurses bragging that she waited until she was 8 centimeters dilated before going into the hospital and giving birth with no medications.  


William Ferguson Surbaugh with his proud parents, former Sawbill crew members Kate and Steve Surbaugh

10/18/01 -

Ed Dallas, Sawbill's Poet Laureate, sent this poem this morning:


Drab green
two shoulder straps
heavy with to much stuff,
at portage trails when I lift it
I curse.

Here are some current pictures of the construction project.

A cement deck and retaining wall will support the new screen porch. The walls start to take shape over the new basement.

I got a call from Jack Blackwell, grandson of Alec Boostrom. Jack said the cabin pictured below was actually built by someone else in the early '70's. Alec's cabin was located near this one. The cabin pictured was a few courses of logs and then had a tent erected on top of the logs. Jack spent a lot of time in the woods with his grandfather when he was a teenager and has many great stories about life in the wilderness during the first half of the 20th century. - Bill

10/10/01 - Max and I had a wonderful one day canoe trip yesterday. We visited the remnants of an old trappers cabin deep inside the wilderness. We were lucky enough to have a beautiful day and saw three moose - including a magnificent bull (sorry, no pictures). There were only a few logs of the tiny cabin remaining. We were careful not to disturb the site, but the artifacts on top were mostly pretty modern. Alec Boostrom was a Native American who had a string of these small cabins along his extensive trap lines up until 1967.

The old trapper's cabin with an air tight wood stove, and old bucket and other artifacts, including a Converse tennis shoe.

Some old fish hooks.

10/08/01 - Progress on our construction project slowed to a crawl today as some apprentice block layers were on the job.

Cindy pursues her new trade. Homer and Jack supervise the job.

10/6/01 - We closed the front doors of the store building today to pour footings and nature rebelled by pelting snow off and on all day.

Yes, that is snow pelting down on the construction site. The canoe are covered with a light layer this morning.

The basement portion of the project is done and was immediately taken advantage of.

Cindy, Beth, Rick and Lance (cement contractors) play doubles in the new, underground Sawbill tennis facility.


10/1/01 - After several years of planning, our big construction project is underway here at Sawbill. We are adding several additions to the store building and will be extensively remodeling the inside of the building too. The equipment rental will be back in the store building, just as it was before we built the Dome in 1974. The Dome will still stand, but will be used for "back of the house" functions.

The cement crew works overtime on the new basement tonight. Picture taken from near the shower house.
Current Sawbill Newsletter | « September 2001 | November 2001 »


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