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Sawbill Newsletter Archives: October 2000
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Sawbill Outfitters Store, 8:30 a. m., Saturday, October 7th.

10/31/00 - As of midnight last night, the summer-long fire restrictions in the BWCA Wilderness have been lifted. Of course, there is literally nobody in the wilderness right now, so it really doesn't matter. Our last canoeists came in yesterday. We've had a few calls about early November, but I suppose it depends on the weather. The snow buntings have arrived from the arctic in the last few days and the snow is never far behind them. - Bill

10/28/00 - Got a bit of snow last night - just enough to cover the trees and ground.

We received this message from Ed Dallas, the Poet Laureate of Sawbill:

Tell Carl that I know how he feels with the owl flying over him. Some years ago I was running the dogs over in the Aitkin bog country and it was just after sun down when it is just about ready to go dark when the dogs all look back at me and many of them bent down as they ran, I, quickly, turned around to see this huge Great Grey talons out flying for my head!! (I'm sure he/she was after my beaver hat). It does make the heart pound faster!! Have a good one.


ps............ Carl, watch your hat now!

10/25/00 - Carl Hansen, age 10, had a couple of notable experiences last night. After school, he was doing something outside, between the store and the Sawbill Trail. A pickup truck pulled to a stop on the Sawbill Trail, less than 100 feet away. The driver, who was screened by trees and brush, jumped out and fired a shotgun blast at a grouse directly in Carl's direction. Cindy, Carl's mom, heard the shot and ran out to confront the reckless hunter. It is illegal in Minnesota to fire a gun that close to a house, campsite or road. Cindy not only chewed out the thoughtless hunter, but turned in his license plate number to the game warden. An hour later, Carl was walking alone to dinner when he heard a faint whooshing sound over his head. He looked up in time to see a great grey owl gliding just a few feet above his head. With a five foot wing span, the great grey is an impressive sight at close range. Two hours later, Carl reported that his "knees have just now stopped feeling like rubber."

10/23/00 - Another string of gorgeous weather favored the small crowd of canoeists that visited over the long weekend. The third weekend in October is when the teacher's union holds its conference in Minnesota, giving school children Thursday and Friday off. We had a nice visit from former crew members Mick Mickelson and Carol Winter. They had never met each other, even though they both worked here during the 70's.

10/5/00 - Snow! Yes that's right campers, it's snowing in the northland. The temperature today barely made it over 40 degrees and unfortunately with the snow came dreary skies. Of course it's not quite cold enough for any accumulation on the ground, but that might not be too far off. The current forecast is calling for temperatures in the 20's over the next few nights and snow is predicted to continue for the next few days as well. We've been blessed for quite a number of days with clear blue skies which the crew has had the opportunity to take advantage of. Several of us have been ru nning down the quiet Sawbill trail lately enjoying the wonderful fall colors and smells. Yesterday I had the opportunity to take a bike down the Pancore Lake road (about 10 miles or so from us down the Sawbill Trail) to none other than Pancore Lake. The largely unused designated trout lake is quite a sight this time of year. Another road on my journey took me to a spot where I stopped to watch a local resident work on his beautiful new home. To end the day perfectly I hiked to Britton Peak, just a few miles up the Sawbill Trail from Tofte. The vista from Britton is not to be missed , if you've not seen it before stop and take the 1/3 mile hike the next time you're in the area. The 180 degree view of Lake Superior along with the wonderful sight of the changing foliage was absolutely breathtaking. Well, time to go check on Bill's progress draining the water from the shower house........Wait a minute, I just looked out the window, the snow is sticking and piling up quickly! More snow tales to come. -Hoeky

First snow on the puppy.

Current Sawbill Newsletter | « September 2000 | November 2000 »

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