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A serene afternoon at the SFGA clubhouse

Hello frisbee golf fans! As Bob Dylan once said, "These times, they are a changin'." A summer of sun, swimming, and golf has changed to an autumn of beautiful color, studying, and golf. Although the change of seasons has brought the SFGA professionals to different parts of the state, their priorities remain in tact. The books, sports, and jobs do offer some distraction, but frisbee golf still sits at the forefront of their lives. However, because they are hours away from Sawbill, they do their best to continue with their duties and in the words of John Oberholtzer, "move on".

Adam Hansen has been spotted cruising around in his new Dodge, preparing for his cross-country ski season, and thinking about frisbee golf. Jeff Thompson has been reported to be traveling around Europe, taking pictures, and not only thinking about frisbee golf but playing it. He has been seen dominating players at Kaposia Park. Jake Morse hasn't really been seen doing anything because he lives out in middle of nowhere. Some speculate he is going to school, others say he is frequenting strip clubs in Northern Minnesota. In any case, we can be sure that he is thinking about frisbee golf. Although the SFGA members are currently living away from one another, the love still flows like a joggers nose in the cool evening air.

Don't despair though, the SFGA members will be reunited this winter! A January Jamboree has tentatively been scheduled for Jan. 4-8. At that time, the future of the SFGA will also be decided. It is really up to Jake. If he truly has the dedication he has claimed he has, he'll be back. Otherwise, the frisbees will be hung up and badminton racquets broken out. We're all pulling for you Jake!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank those people who have made the SFGA possible. Obviously, a big thank you and a hot fuzzy goes out to Cindy who officially got the SFGA ball rolling. Also, a thank you to Frank for not ending the SFGA when he was hit. Thank you to Patti for her camera work, Annie for the cold beverages, Natasha for the clear fairways, Mitch for stepping in for Patti, and Mike Gaud for everything he has given to the SFGA. It isn't possible without you guys.

So from St. Paul, St. Louis Park, and Bemidji, so long and yes, I am referring to Jeff's hammering ability. Enjoy the beautiful fall season and don't lose your frisbees in the leaves. For those who don't have to worry about leaves, just don't lose your frisbees.

Love, Your friends at the SFGA

"Throw long and prosper" - Rube


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