7/30/97 Newsletter

7/30/97 Newsletter

Hello frisbee fans! The 1997 season will be a year to be remembered. When people only imagined about flying, the Wright Brothers were airborne. When space travel was thought to be nearly impossible, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. When SFGA critics thought the 50 stroke barrier was unreachable, Jake Morse shot a 49 on the Essence of Sawbill. He has proven once again that the sky is the limit.

When Jake isn't busy making history, he's busy winning tournaments. The Hot Summer Days, Cool Summer Nights is in it's third round and Don Kite has a commanding five stroke lead. Bill Haas is threatening in second place and Steve is in distant third but is having the most fun of the three players. Someone once said, "Like life, frisbee has it's ups and downs but until you've been at the bottom, you can't fully enjoy the top." Someone else once said, "Hammer!" In any case, Steve will be finishing the season strongly.

The Masters Tournament is shaping up nicely. It's dates have yet to be finalized due to poor vacation scheduling, but its tentatively looking like August 5-8. Tickets are going fast and there are only a few Clubhouse passes left.

The competitors are ironing out their final glitches as they come down the home stretch of the season. Bill Haas is holding the lead with 13 wins, Don Kite in second with 11, and Steve is in third with eight. However, Bill Haas' injuries have left the finish wide open. His back injury of 1996 is unpredictable and is coupled with a newly acquired side injury. His sheer determination is the only thing holding him together.

A special thanks goes out to Natasha for keeping the crowds under control and making the 1997 season run smoothly. And run it has! With only three weeks left, the frisbee situation is critical. It should be an exciting one.

Sincerely, well no, love, Your friends at the SFGA

"My frisbee flies longer than yours" - Grant Lazer


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