8/1/96 Newsletter

8/1/96 Newsletter

Dear SFGA fans and members,

As we count down to the 1996 Masters, the whole world it seems, has caught frisbee fever. You will be excited to hear that as of today, (August 1st 1996) Masters tickets have gone on sale. Since the SFGA is a non-profit organization, and cannot accept cash for the tickets, we have decided to negotiate payment with each individual buyer. Offers may be submitted anytime in Adam's mailbox.

Here is a quick rundown of the ticket situation:

Gallery - Always a good choice. With stands set up on every fairway and green, you're sure not to miss any of the action.

# available - 500

Grandstand - If you're a fan who demands a higher standard of golf, or just want to be close enough to see Jake's nose hairs, Grandstand is for you. With free transportation between the courses provided by Star Cruiser Enterprises, accommodations provided by Bunkhouse Suites, and a special viewing area behind the tee boxes and greens, you're to leave this tournament with the experience of a lifetime.

# available - 50

Clubhouse Pass - Are you one of the many fans who wonders if there is more to these players than just waves? If you are, this rare, one of a kind, limited offer is for you. That's right folks, get in there and shmooz with the players. See what makes them the powerhouses that they are, and the driving forces that shape their game. With this service, you will receive all the luxuries of Grandstand, but in addition you will be admitted to the clubhouse between nines, and at the end of each round. Oh yes, the fringe benefit: free autographs.

And remember, free rice for all at the end of the tournament.

Love, Your friends at the SFGA


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