8/15/97 Newsletter

8/15/97 Newsletter

Hello frisbee golf fans! Ever since the first day Adam Hansen wrapped his fingers around a frisbee, he had a look of a champion. He was constantly achieving goals: his first throw that reached the road on the first hole of Essence, his first win, his first tournament win, and now this. Yes folks, Adam has won the Masters!

The 1997 Masters proved to be Adam's final stepping stone to a pinnacle he dedicated his last three years striving for. His level of performance grew like his facial hair. His priorities changed like his voice, and his love for the game matured like his, well, you know. The boy of the circuit has become the man of the hour. Better yet, the man of the year!

Adam smashed the competition, shooting a -58. He beat the reigning two-year Masters champion, Jake Morse, by a whopping four strokes and biggest threat this year, Jeff Thompson, by ten. His tournament was highlighted with a stellar three on the twelfth of Sawbill Shores while Jake (who was tied with him going into that hole) shot a seven. Adam's smile remained fixed during the last six holes throughout the fitting of the Green Jacket. Adam began his celebration with full sprint down to the lake and a jump into the very waters which he played perfectly to win. When asked how he felt he said, "I cannot describe it using mere words. But let me say this, as Mike Gaud once said: 'What a glorious and beautiful garment is that Green Jacket, so rugged and rough, yet soft and silky.' I love that guy and I love this jacket."

On a sadder note, the 1997 season may have been the SFGA's last. One of the members, Jake Morse, has announced the possibility of permanent relocation. In other words, the idiot isn't coming back. Excuse me, we want him to come back but all we can really do is hope and pray.

As the sun sets over the lake and clubhouse shuts down for the year, the screaming of the fans can still be heard echoing through the pines. The Masters trophy was placed in the trophy case and the frisbees were retired. Don Kite, Bill Haas, and Steve, are not only frisbees, though, they are memories. Memories of a shot to Jake's face, memories of Adam getting stuck in the tower of the log house, memories of hitting Frank in the dome, memories of hitting a customer in the butt, memories of hitting the Zackley group through the side door of the dome, memories of going in the water six times on one hole, but most of all, memories of love.

Love, Your friends at the SFGA

"Throw long and prosper" - Rube


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