7/16/97 Newsletter

7/16/97 Newsletter

Hello fellow frisbee golf fans! The 1997 season has landed on us like a brick outhouse. The summer season has provided excruciating conditions, with sizzling high temperatures and chilling lows. However, the experience of the three returning players has guided them through these adverse conditions and has kept the level of play consistently competitive.

The season began with a few less than spectacular rounds. The players needed a couple of weeks to shake the cobwebs off their throwing arms and adjust to the new brand of frisbees. However, once the muscles were loose, frisbees named, and the dedicated fans began to roll in, the season was officially underway.

As the summer heat began to rise, the scores began to drop. In fact, the first and only tournament held this summer, the Mike Gaud Memorial (in honor of the Sawbill legend, Mike Gaud) was won in record setting fashion. Adam (Bill Haas) was composed and focused as he glided past Jeff (Steve) who placed second and Jake (Don Kite) who placed a disappointing third.

Due to conflicting vacation schedules and the length of the season left, there will only be one tournament before the Masters. The dates for this tournament, Hot Summer Days, Cool Summer Nights, are as follows: 7/19/97-7/23/97.

So as the 1997 season matures, the players continue with their rounds; Bill Haas leading the way with nine wins, Steve following close with five, and Don Kite struggling to stay within striking distance with three. In the broader perspective though, as Mike Gaud once said, "You're all winners for playing." That's really what it is all about. Until next time, may your frisbee fly long.

Sincerely, well no, love, Your friends at the SFGA

"Throw long and prosper" - Rube

P. S. We'd like to extend our love toward Jeff, our first web page visitor, who Joined us for a round last night... Giddy up Jeff.


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