7/15/96 Newsletter

7/15/96 Newsletter

Hello frisbee fans,

The days of summer are heating up as well as the frisbee golf competition. The grain Belt Open was completed on July 16th with Merle taking the title at 48 under and Kabob one stroke back at 47 under. Hans finished at 35 under while taking the Essence of Sawbill round in dramatic fashion on the first playoff hole.

Plans for the Masters are underway with the tentative of August 15-20. I'm sorry folks, members have to pay an admission fee for this one. Get your tickets well in advance if you can. Tickets go on sale August 1st.

There will be a Frisbee awards banquet on the night of August 20th, entrees include a really-big-char-broil, tuna sandwich, or rice. More details in the next newsletter.

A big warm welcome goes out to Annie Strupeck as she will begin her duties as scoremaster for the Masters tournament. Welcome aboard!

Keep those frisbees flying...

"you are all winners for playing" - Mike Gaud

-Thanks for coming



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