Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson

3 year charter member

Personal background

He played recreational "catch" frisbee in grade school, and moved on to ultimate in high school. He loves the sport and is good at it. He is looking for bigger and better things.

SFGA background

He is proud to be a co-founder of the SFGA. He helped design the granddaddy course of them all - The Essence of Sawbill. He prides himself on encouraging fans and welcoming other players. Jeff claims the name of his first frisbee "Dumbo" was forced upon him by his workplace. His second frisbee, "Greased Lightning" was a sub par frisbee. His third frisbee, "Loaf", was a stellar, solid frisbee which established him as powerhouse in the SFGA. His current frisbee, "Steve", is named after a former crew member who influenced him greatly. "You could say that Steve is the wood in my bonfire."

Favorite hole

The first hole on Essence is his favorite hole (dome to dump station tower) because that's where it all began.

Comments on the 1997 SFGA season

"As the seasons have passed, we've lost the officiating we had in the past. The controversy gets a little heated, but it is needed and it brings the players closer together."

Strong points

He is the underdog in the Masters, he has a great stance and follow through, his vision, and he intimidates other players.

Weak points

The bugs get to him.

Comments on his opponents

Adam needs to learn respect for the courses and nature, but he likes his dedication.

Jake doesn't play consistently and he needs to get his priorities straight, but as a co-founder of the SFGA, he has the upmost respect for him.

Masters chances

Steve - 86%

Bill Haas - 10%

Don Kite - 4%

What will put him over the edge

He has the most fan support and he plays his best during the Masters. He claims the other members are "handicapped."



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