Jason Morse

Jason Morse

3 year charter member

Personal background

When he was young boy, lightning struck a tree behind his house. From that tree, he made a frisbee and called it "Frisbee". He plays frisbee only for competition, and not for recreation. He has been playing for about 17 years.

SFGA background

He is proud to have co-designed the granddaddy of them all, Essence of of Sawbill. Overall, he is glad to be a part of it. He has owned such frisbees as "The Snake" which he claims is the best SFGA frisbee ever. His second frisbee, Navaho, brought home the green Jacket in 1995. His current frisbee, Don Kite, is performing at a sub par level.

Favorite hole

His favorite hole is the 11th on Essence of Sawbill (wood pile to dumpster) because of the excitement of a possible hole-in-one, and the fact that he helped design the course.

Comments on the 1997 season

Jake says the controversies are stemming from the fact that some members are complaining because they aren't winning. They are trying to cheat.

Strong points

Jake says he is the best player, and more importantly, the best clutch player.

Weak points

Jake has to work on his mental preparation before each round and his ability to hammer.

Comments on his opponents

Jeff has a great desire to win but he hits his side and tries to throw his frisbee too hard. He probably has the biggest muscles on the tour, but those won't help him in the SFGA.

Adam will have one bad hole, and the round will be over. He yells at his frisbee too much and he doesn't stand a chance at the Masters.

Masters chances

Don Kite - 33.4% chance of winning

Bill Haas - 33.3% chance of winning

Steve - 33.3% chance of winning

What will put him over the edge

He wants it the most. He knows the feeling of the green jacket, and would like to have it for another year. He feels he is the most dedicated even though his dedication is questioned by the other members.

"Thanks for coming"


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