SFGA History

SFGA History

Imagine if you will two Sawbill employees roaming around with nothing to do. Yes, it's hard to imagine, but it happened in 1995.Jeff Thompson and Jason Morse were the employees and their boss Cindy said, "Why don't you set up a frisbee golf course?" Little did she know, these words were the foundation to what is known today as the Sawbill Frisbee Golf Association (SFGA).

Jeff and Jason sprinted into the Sawbill store and dibsed the two existing frisbees and named them Dumbo and the Snake, respectively. They planned out a course with long sweeping fairways and challenging doglegs. It was named the Essence of Sawbill. They went out and teed off for the first time at 7:04 pm and the rest is history. Since then hundreds of rounds have been played, records have been broken and the players have sensed a great deal of camaraderie and fellowship.

They knew Adam Hansen was to arrive in a couple of weeks and hoped he would be game. Not only was he game, he designed the SFGA's second course, Sterling Sawbill. His first frisbee was named the Haug and he gained some respect when he got his first win. The players were craving some more courses when Hans Hicks decided to get involved. He designed Sawbill's Towering Pines which connects the towers at Sawbill.

The Association needed a 4th course for legitimate tournament play so Adam and Jason set out to create Sawbill Shores which features the only water hole in the SFGA.

The 1995 Masters featured Dave (Dave), Loaf (Jeff), Navaho (Jason), and Helga (Adam) in which Navaho took home the green jacket by an astounding 14 strokes. Commissioner Bill Hansen was there to fit Navaho with the coveted green jacket.

What has been referred to as "frisbee golf fever" hit the SFGA in 1996 as 4 tournaments were played and new employees and fans were added to the SFGA. Kabob (Adam) won the Father's Day Classic while Merle (Jason) captured the Grain Belt Open, Carl Buddig Invitational, September Jubilee, and 1996 Masters titles. Hans (Jeff) was awarded the Dortmunder Union superlative effort award. Patti Olson was named Press person and was granted the press pass. Annie Strupeck was hired as scorekeeper/beer cart supervisor, and Natasha Warner was welcomed aboard as crowd control. Fans were Mike Gaud, Steve Surbaugh, John Oberholtzer, Dave Freeman, Laura TerBeest, Nathan TerBeest, Liz Cooper, and Carl and Clare Hansen.

The SFGA endured amidst nasty rumors that it was doomed after the 1996 season. The players held an emotional 14 agenda item meeting and it was determined that the SFGA was alive and moving into the 21st century. The first tournament was the Mike Gaud Memorial in which Bill Haas (Adam) won in record setting fashion. Steve (Jeff) came in second, and Don Kite (Jason) was a disappointing third.

All frisbees and handcrafted trophies in addition to other SFGA paraphernalia can be found in the mobe here at Sawbill in the SFGA trophy case.


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