Adam Hansen

Adam Hansen

3 year charter member

Personal background

He has always played and enjoyed frisbee with his father and his dad. His father once said, "son, you can jump higher than the other kids, you can score touchdowns whenever you touch the ball, but you have a purpose to play frisbee." Soon after, his father had a heart attack and he knew frisbee was his purpose in life.

SFGA background

He was excited when he first found out about the SFGA, and wanted to join. He was soon accepted when he got his first win with "The Haug." He learned the courses, practiced, and steadily got better as rounds went on. Helga was his next frisbee, and she performed better than expected during the regular season racking up 21 wins, but let Adam down during the Masters of 1995. His current frisbee, "Bill Haas," is leading the other members of the SFGA in wins in 1997 with 9, and The Mike Gaud Memorial trophy.

Favorite hole

The 14th on Sterling Sawbill is Adam's favorite hole (gas pump to red trailer), because it offers a delectable combination of shots - height, curve, long shots, and a putt.

Comments on the 1997 SFGA season

Adam says it's too bad new rules and technicalities have replaced good old fashioned honesty, but these new rules may be necessary for a good tournament.

Strong points

Driving accuracy, conservative, 2nd shots, curved shots, wicked hammer (especially out of the deep stuff).

Weak points

He has the shortest throw on the pro tour.

Comments on his opponents

Jeff is playing well this year, and has an incredible desire to win. However, he is human, and he hits his side too much.

It's time for Jake to move on to the Senior Tour.

Masters chances

This is the Masters, anything can happen.

What will put him over the edge

He has great motivation for the green jacket. "I've been thinking of nothing else for the past year except the 1997 Masters tourney. Even during the 1997 nordic ski state tournament, I was focused on the Masters."



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